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Doramus (1st & 2nd Mix)
Indepentent files to use on a real MSX.

MIDI signals converter from a digital drum kit to PC analog joystick under GNU/Linux.

  • openMSX preconfigured folder (Android, Windows, macOS y GNU/Linux), easy to install
  • Instructions (in Spanish as of now)
  • TurboR, Sunrise IDE and MoonSound ROMs
  • Hard disk image, which may work with other emulators

The drum simulator for MSX, based on Drum Mania, similar to Guitar Hero. The masterpiece of D'Oli Clar Games AKA SaveR, Saver, Juansa, Juansal, PutO, etc.

He originally built a drumkit connected through the joystick port, with gas tubes included (do you remember that orange color?), though lately we have been able to make it work through SaveR's MIDI drumkit, thanks to a Linux driver created by Juanjo.

It's developed using NestorBASIC, machine code routines made by NÚstor Soriano AKA Konamiman. Was presented at the XX RU Barcelona Users Meeting (december 2002).

Requirements: MSX Turbo R (which WebMSX does not support), MoonSound and a massive storage media (hard disk, Zip, memory card, etc.)

Visit its site (Internet Archive, RIP, where you'll find more info. Additional information can be found on this page of SD Mesxes magazine (in Spanish, sorry)

He started making BASIC games like Naufratic Zone or Frigid Blood. Garusu Paniku also created expectation (a remake of the well known arcade game on which you had to uncover an erotic drawing). But unfortunately didn't finished it neither... He had a good excuse: SaveR Manias. They're "inspired" in a Konami series of arcade games he saw in one of his pilgrimages to Japanese lands. On Hajiku Mania you play a score on a guitar connected to the MSX. In Tataku Mania you control some kind of DJ mix table. The one you can download here turns yourself into a drummer.

A Dance Dance Revolution-like version was also made.

You can download Doramus freely, make copies, mofify it and improve it if you dare ;-)

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