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Page of the "society's leader", author, among other things, of the famous InterNestor Suite (used to connect the MSX to Interidem) and NestorBASIC, extension to the venerable MSX BASIC.
SaveR has also made great things, like the * manias (games in which you "play" music with different instruments). This page collected music generated with the different MSX chips.
Old news and other out of date things which would be a pity to delete from the web.

Marcelino Luna:

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Diskette- Garusu Paniku (alpha) added.
SaverMSX's unfinished production which cloned the famous game in which you where unconvering girl images. [2017-09-21]

Diskette- LemoN soundtracks added
- We must start rescanning quite a lot of original SD Mesxes masters which were used to xerox them. [2017-01-07]

Diskette Doramus page created. Added real MSX files and MIDI Joy Put by @yombo. [2016-12-06]

Diskette Link to run Nextor online with WebMSX [2016-11-27]

DisketteSome downloads added:
- Doramus prepared to play on openMSX
- Kaotika
- Links to run almost all programs online with WebMSX

Club Mesxes account created on GNU Social

DisketteSD Mesxes fanzines numbers #1 to #3 have been added to his page, available to download. [2015-03-28]

DisketteWe've got an event in Majorca on February the 21th, a "retrocacharreo" (old machines fun), from RetroMallorca, celebrating the 30th MSX 2 Anniversary, among other things. [2015-02-14]

Ueep!  RetroMallorca celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the Spectrum, the most hated apparatus by the MSXers, but that means next year will be the turn for the little chinese three letter obsolete machine, if everything goes fine. [2012-03-25]

Ueep!  February edition of the RetroActivo Podcast took hentai as the subject, and needless to say, the MSX was very present, due to SaveR (Juan Salvador Sánchez) being its main architect. [2012-03-22]

DisketteHere is the video of the conference Néstor gave at RetroMallorca 2011, titled "Amateur hardware for MSX" (in Spanish). [2012-01-19]

DisketteUploaded a copy SD Mesxes fanzine scanned by Konamito in a single file for more convenience. [2012-01-15]

DisketteKonamiman strikes again: MSX-DOS 2 source code falls into his hands and decides to enhance it. This way Nextor was born. You can find all the details here. [2011-07-01]

DisketteThere was a time when we were at loggerheads making chiptune music. Listen to the MSX-made in here (they aren't the whole works but a good selection), and the ones composed on a PC here. [2011-04-01]

Ueep!Konamiman has coded a new application that allows an MSX to use the Dropbox service. [2011-02-05]

Mano Not MSX related, but SaveR, along with Toni Nievas and Toni T. Morro have created La vida bata, a game played inside Twitter with videos (in Spanish). [2011/02/05]

DisketteLast november 13th was presented RetroActivo's podcast (RetroMallorca's spin-off), with quite mesxesian content. [2010/11/24]

Mano Here you'll find the conference held by Néstor in the RetroMallorca meeting/exposition, where he demonstrated how to send a twitt with our little machine (minute 36:44, the conference by Landoq is shown first). [2010/11/24]

Ueep!  RetroMallorca is coming soon, the vintage computer and videogame users meeting, which will hold any system, not just MSX. [2010-07-07]

Diskette Konamiman has coded the MSXtt (MSX Trivial Twitter), a small application to send tweets. [2010-05-05]

DisketteUploaded Lemon, the unfinished legendary game made by SaveR. [2010-02-09]

DisketteAdded non-MSX material, almost all of them are some of my brother Juanjo's applications. [2010-02-09]

DisketteKonamito has scanned the SD Mesxes and has published them in his site. Thank you very much! There's only left to scan the predecessor fanzine: the Club Mesxes, and to convert the files of SDs #10 to #17 that are preserved in PageMaker / InDesign / PostScript format to PDF, which will result in a more convenient less weight, more quality and a of course searchable. [2009/09/17]

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