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 }=> Spanish:

  • Asociación de Amigos del MSX: The MSX Friends Association. They arrange the Barcelona meetings. Updated News.
  • bgMSX: SaveR's music can be found here, as well as many other songs from hobbyist and commercial games and  composers. Stands out an on-line game in which you must guess where a song comes from. Downloadable software includes Doramus, the game in which you play drums.
  • Calamar Group: MSX controlled robots, self made games, and diverse hardware like floppy drives, converter cables and other curiosities.
  • Call MSX: One of those few fanzines which still releases frequently.
  • Club Hnostar: They made a professional looking magazine with the same name and distribute hard and soft. version.
  • HispaMSX: The mailing list for the Spanish-speakers. It has a BBS via Telnet, ideal for Uzix o InterNestor.
  • Imanok: Programmer of games (there are some downloadable).
  • Karoshi Corporation: Forum of these MSX and ZX Spectrum game developers.
  • Konamiman: Last boss of Club Mesxes.
  • Konamito: News, reports, program and magazine preservation (among them SD Mesxes), in adition to a message forum (in Spanish).
  • Kralizec: Games label of Periscop and co. 
  • Manuel Pazos: He's the author of Sonyc, PuddleLand, KPI Ball, Abadia del crimen remake, and many utilities ... He also develops for Game Boy Advance!!!!!
  • Matra: They used to program games and publish an interesting retro gaming and computer webzine/fanzine. Games are on sale for MSX and ZX Spectrum, in addition to retro merchandising. You can find a webzine they made used to make, with a review about Internestor, for instance. Star collaborated with the commercial magazine @rroba.
  • MadriSX: They arrange the RetroMadrid meetings, formerly known as MadriSX & Retro.
  • Padial Hardware: The Spanish hardware genious. SD Readers, FlashROM, video cards, sound cards, etc. in addition to a future MSX with the eZ80/Z380 processor (which ROM was coded by Daniel Zorita and Konamiman.
  • Paxanga Soft: Developers of a lot of games.
  • RetroActivo: Podcast which belongs to the RetroMallorca association and touches varied subjects.
  • RetroMallorca: Some components of Club Mesxes, among other people, founded this multisystem association which created a bunch of events and activities, with MSX presence obviously.
  • Retroworks: "New developments for old systems"

}=> International:

  • Baboo!: The Japanese MSX search engine.
  • ESE Artists' Factory: They developed the Mega SCSI (it's mostly in Japanese).
  • MSX Archive: A software archive.
  • FutureDisk: Old Dutch diskmagazine.
  • Gigamix: Japanese club. Authors of many programs, like Magical Labyrinth.
  • Parallax: Developers of many games.
  • Planet Emu: About emulators in general, but with a very complete MSX software download section. 
  • Sunrise Swiss: The MSX most stunning hardware developers: Ethernet, IDE, serial port, MoonSound, GFX9000, Video9000, Compact Flash reader, USB-GameReader...
  • SymbOS: Incredible graphic and multitasking operating system for Amstrad CPC and MSX.
  • The MSX Resource Center: The best source of information of the MSX scene. Updated almost daily.
  • The New Image: Authors of the GameBoy emulator for MSX, among other interesting projects.
  • Uzix: A flavour of Unix for MSX! It even works as Internet server, has graphical browser and X-Wind! Incredible!

  Other sects: 

  • Airsynth: Blog by Marce.
  • Antares: Space combat and commerce game inspired by Elite/Frontier, made by Juanjo.
  • Botize: Inspired by "PALOMAS.BAS" (random sectarian sentence generator), JuanSa created the Twitter version, which later evolved in some other services.
  • Depeche Mode: The authors of the song on the Disk I/O Error #1 intro, adapted by Marce and later converted to MWM (MoonSound) for Hajiku Mania. Listen online to the original or the MSX version on bgMSX or here.
  • Dieyes: SaveR's business.
  • JuanSa: "The consequences of possesing a blog (with lamer picture)"
  • Mato34: The most sectarian club member shows here basically his liking to photography.
  • Ramón Serna's research page: Ramoni's.
  • Video Games Live: They are a series of game music concerts played by an orchestra and a choir, synchronized with a large screen. In November 2006 some of us attended the concert in London. It was quite good, though finally there wasn't any Vampire Killer's song :(
  • Yombo: Juanjo's blog about computer electronics and programming.
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