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Garusu Paniku (alpha)
Ejecutar en el emulador online WebMSX Discogarusu-paniku.dsk

SaverMSX's unfinished production which cloned the famous game in which you where unconvering girl images.

Disk I/O Error #1
Ejecutar en el emulador online WebMSX Discodioe1.dsk

Demo/fanzine (in Spanish) made by Club Mesxes which came with SD Mesxes #7 for MSX2, 128KB RAM and 128KB VRAM, optionally Music Module and FM-PAC.

LemoN promo
Ejecutar en el emulador online WebMSX Discolemon.dsk

Unfinished promo of a cyberpunk RPG game (in Spanish) made by JuanSa, with machine code routines and musics by Néstor. It was premiered in a Barcelona users meeting in 1995. Needs Turbo-R and optionally Music Module.

LemoN soundtracks Ueep!
Ejecutar en el emulador online WebMSX Discolemon-music-trax.dsk

Pequeña demo con algunos de los temas musicales que tenían que acompañar al juego LemoN. Preparadas para oirse en STEREO, es decir, MSX MUSIC + MSX AUDIO, por lo que algunas de las piezas pueden sonar algo raras si se escuchan solo en MSX MUSIC o MSX AUDIO (como es el caso de WebMSX). En el disco también se incluyó una promo del juego LemoN.

Programación: Ramón Serna (Serna Soft), Néstor Soriano y Juan Salvador Sánchez
Gráficos: Juan Salvador Sánchez
Músicas: Néstor Soriano
Idea/desarrollo de LemoN: Juan Salvador Sánchez (SaveR)

Nextor Ueep!
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Nextor 2.01

Nextor 2.1 Alpha2


MSX-DOS fork by Konamiman. All information on his web site. Here you can watch the the speech Néstor gave at the RetroMallorca 2014 event (you can turn on captions):

Doramus (1st & 2nd Mix)
Disco Doramus page, drumkit simulator for MSX, similar to Guitar Hero. The masterpiece of D'Oli Clar Games AKA SaveR, Saver, Juansa, Juansal, PutO, etc.

Kaotika Ueep!
Ejecutar en el emulador online WebMSX Discokaotika.dsk

A game where you must match face parts of different "personalities". Created by D'Oli Clar Games, AKA SaverMSX around 1999.

Ejecutar en el emulador online WebMSX DiscoPALOMAS.BAS

Absurd random sentence generator. Here you can read the story.

Discoclaustro.lzh 29k Claustropelecuastrer: 23 MoonBlaster for MoonSound MWM songs composed by SaveR. Decadence made sound

openMSX   Emulator for Android (Google Play), Windows, Unix/Linux (Ubuntu) and macOS. You'll need the ROMs (BIOS). Get them here.
BlueMSX MSX emulator for Windows and Unix/Linux 0.7k DSK image format writer to physical disk for MSX-DOS
Disk-Manager   In addition to being able to write to real disks in Windows, it can manipulate files inside the images. Compatible with Unix/Linux/macOS through Wine (uncompress the .msi file with cabextract)
Discodcopy.exe 17k DSK image format writer to physical disk for MS-DOS (PC)
dd ;)   In Unix/Linux (and I suppose macOS too) run in console: dd if=disk-to-write.dsk of=/dev/fd0 12k MSX-DOS PMA and LZH formats decompressor
Discolha.exe 34k Command line LZH decompressor for Windows/MS-DOS (you can also use programs like the multi-platform 7-Zip)

Ramoni's project
RamoniRamón has always been involved in graphic effects in machine code (as you can see in the VDP Blaster section of SD Mesxes) so he wanted to use his skills to make a game. The result is a remake of the famous Bubble Puzzle. But you can tell "Imanok has already made it, and a really good one". Yes, but this one will be quite different: you will be able to choose between different characters, there will be "little bugs" hanging around (as in Arkanoid) and other surprises he has probably in mind. The project has just been started so be patient.
Capitan NestorIf Saver is specialized in games, then Nestor is also specialized in all kind of utilities. It goes from NéstórÁcéntós (to type with tilde and other characters on Japanese MSXs) to InterNestor Suite, through NesQuickBASIC (still in project stage), Mega-SCSI tools and a lot more. The most interisting for me is InterNestor Suite. It's a set of tools to let you connect to the Internet with a MSX 2 that Néstor uses as the final career project. Visit his home page!